What we do

Art Across has been founded by art historian Sara Riccardi, and wishes to bring the History of Art to life, for everyone to enjoy. Through a mixed array of events, from History of Art interactive sessions to workshops and artists talks, contemporary artists and art lovers are invited to engage with the past and enter in a dialogue with it. When the arts of the present and those of the past establish a conversation, the enrichment can be endless.

How we do it

The experience of connecting with the past can happen in various ways, always tailored to satisfy different audiences. Sara is currently a freelancer, and works closely with many kinds of institutions and groups, to deliver the perfect type of event each time. Her enthusiasm for the subject, on one hand, and her professional method of research, on the other, determine an enjoyable balance between high-level research behind the content and a relaxed, informal and pleasant presentation.

Tailoring is the key word: everything is discussed and adapted, and many events even generate spontaneously from the dialogue between Sara and artists, curators, galleries and art professionals. We would love you to take part.

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About you

 Because of the wide possibilities of the project, Sara works with a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts.


Visual artists, at any point in their careers, from newly-graduated to established professionals, are a vital part of Art Across. You represent the living voices of the arts of today, and your engagement with the History of Art generates mutual benefits. Your involvement in our activities, either as part of the audience or as speakers, partners or collaborators, can offer you the opportunity to discover something new, or new points of view, a context in which to share thoughts and ideas with other artists, gaining new stimuli, the inspiration that comes from the visual richness of centuries of art...and much, much more.


Museums, galleries, libraries, and any kind of institution delivering cultural events are perfect partners for Art Across. Sara is always glad to establish professional and friendly relations, and to work with institutions to deliver the type of event that best suits the respective audiences. Site-respondent and personalised events make the experience even more relevant and fascinating, both for Sara and the people participating. Institutions working with artists, then, as Artists Societies or galleries offering a membership scheme, are ideal to benefit from the special artists-focused events.


 Any group of enthusiasts, wishing to enjoy an interactive discovery of the History of Art by taking the sessions, or being intrigued by the idea of a personalised event, can participate in the Art Across activities. You can join an existing event or create a group, and Sara will be happy to draw you in the world of the arts, in the way that best appeals to your curiosities and style.

In your words

"A rare treat!"

"The range of artists and the prompts for discussion were very engaging"

"Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic"

"I've challenged gently my thoughts"

"Wonderful to be given fresh insights into traditional interpretations"

"A truly interesting talk and experience tonight!"