From the collaboration between Sara and contemporary artists can emerge a variety of projects, as an artist's work can be inspired and expand through the dialogue with the History of Art, and the exchange is always mutually enriching. This type of partnership is highly tailored to the different creatives and their work, and therefore takes a completely different shape each time.

Be inspired by examples of previous and current partnerships

Steven Heaton

Steven's practice contains a strong element of layering, not only of media on the various supports the artist uses, but also and most importantly of ideas, stimuli and various inspirations that get collected along the way, and then inform the artworks produced.

Art history is a great point of reference for the artist, and his studio is filled with books and postcards of some of his favourite masters.

During a studio visit, Sara was fascinated by some aspects of Steven's production, and some pieces he had been producing particularly captured her attention. The conversation about those pieces has been expanding, to the point that Heaton has been recently revisiting some of the ideas explored in those paintings, and producing a new body of work, which has been exhibited in a solo exhibition, curated by Sara, in October 2019.

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Nicola Dale

The first collaboration between Nicola and Sara happened in conjunction with the artist's residency at the former International 3, where she exhibited her latest body of work. On that occasion, Sara conceived a workshop that reflected the stages of the process behind the work on show, responding directly to the artist's practice and facilitating the public's engagement with it.

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A second project took Nicola and Sara to Rome, for a two-week intense period of research on the iconography of Saint Jerome. In this case, Sara offered her art-historical expertise to collaborate with the artist tracking down as many historical representations of the Saint in the city, and to analyse, contextualise and understand the artworks.

Once back in the UK, the artist produced a new body of work responding directly to the research period, including sculptures, a sound piece and a performance, which were showcased in an exhibition at Leeds Arts University.

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Research trip funded by Arts Council England and British Council

Emma Lloyd

Emma participated to our very first Curated Conversation, and during the preparatory meeting for that event a number of intriguing aspect of the artist's work emerged, that could be explored more, in a collaborative form.

The perfect opportunity arose as Emma was preparing her solo exhibition: the artist and Sara worked together to conceive an event that happened in conjunction with the exhibition.

The uniqueness of this project resides in the fact that the event was crafted as a conceptual response to Emma's artistic practice, so that in its structure, even before than in its content, it mirrored the artist's processes and explored the themes she explores in her work.

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