Art Across is first of all a concept, based on the creation and promotion of an active interaction between the arts of the present and those of the past. Because of this, it is as dynamic as the many possible combinations between the stimuli offered by history and the plurality of today's creative expressions, all multiplied by the contributions made by participants and the variety of ideas generating from the exchange of different perspectives.

Below are some of the current options to be a part of this adventure, and there surely exists many others, yet to be realised.

'An Essential Art History'. The standard series of sessions

Series of interactive sessions, designed for an audience of contemporary artists and adapted to any other audience, are one of the main means by which Sara creates that connection between past and present. This standard format offers a chronological overview of the development of the History of Art, featuring one introductory meeting and seven sessions that delve into the arts from the Middle Ages to our times.

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Customizable sessions

Depending on specific interests of the group or institution hosting the sessions, a wide range of topics and starting points can become the subjects of bespoken sessions or series of sessions, designed in the interactive Art Across style. These sessions are carefully discussed and arranged, to be tailored specifically to the needs and wishes of the group. The synergetic possibility between Sara and the groups is among the core aspects of the whole project.

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Do you like the idea of hosting or participating in sessions designed according to your interests, but would like some advice before deciding?

Enjoy a free consultation!

Sara will be happy to provide her professional advice, and offer a free, non-binding preliminary discussion to help you choose and conceive your customizable sessions. Starting from any general suggestions you might have in mind, you will consider together the possible options to address the chosen themes, to define the best one for you.

Art Across projects

In addition to History of Art sessions and lectures, the Art Across concept can inform a variety of activities, surprisingly widening the range of events that can be organised. Sara enjoys conceiving events that are diverse and adapted to different audiences and institutions, or that respond to the work of artists and curators.

If you have in mind a plan for an event you have always wanted to create, or if you are generally intrigued by this idea and wish to look into ways to put it to use, Sara will be delighted to work closely with you.

Explore examples of recent projects or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly to start a brain-storming conversation.