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The undeniable fascination that comes from hearing artists discussing their practice is enhanced by the connection with the arts of the past. In this special format, one or more artists are in conversation with Sara, whose role is not only that of coordinating the talk, but also of actively participating: she alternates with the artists, taking inspiration from the themes they address and creating connections with the art of the past centuries. In doing so, she virtually invites artists, patrons, writers, all sorts of art professionals from history to join the conversation. For the audience, the result is a composite experience, in which past and present merge; for the artists participating, the preparation involved and the actual event are opportunities to see their art under a new perspective, which can result in new prompts towards unexpected directions.

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Tailored workshops, practice-respondent activities, tours - there are countless possibilities of events Sara can conceive and organise, or contribute to. They usually spontaneously generate from the dialogue with artists, curators, galleries and cultural institutions. Sara particularly enjoys working on events that somehow emerge from an artist's practice: a simple studio visit can develop into collaborations, including critical contributions or events based or derived from your art.

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