Customizable sessions & One-off sessions

These formats are created specifically according to your wishes and needs. The structure of the sessions can be manipulated, put upside down, re-modelled and adapted, starting from any topics you want to explore in the 'Art Across style'.

One-off sessions, to be enjoyed once in a while, can also be designed and arranged. This option is particularly suitable in conjunction with temporary events such as art festivals, fairs or temporary exhibitions.

Examples of possible starting topics include:

Single artistic movements, thoroughly explored and developed

Single artists or groups of artists, whose careers are looked at closely and systematically

Techniques and media, observed to track a development of the material practice

Subjects, such as the nude, seascapes or cats, and their presence and change throughout the centuries

Themes, such as women artists or the artist social status, to be discussed under the light of relevant artworks

Venue-based topics or artworks, taken as starting points and put into context

Anything you are curious about


...try the standard format first? All kinds of customizable formats are available to all kinds of groups and institutions. The standard format can be taken as a start, and from the common ground established and the main curiosities emerged there, the group and Sara can go on working together, developing a bespoken new series.

This is just a suggestion, all activities are fully independent and flexible, and there are no fixed rules.

Do you like the idea of hosting or participating in sessions designed according to your interests, but would like some advice before deciding?

Enjoy a free consultation!

Sara will be happy to provide her professional advice, and offer a free, non-binding preliminary discussion to help you choose and conceive your customizable sessions. Starting from any general suggestions you might have in mind, you will consider together the possible options to address the chosen themes, to define the best one for you.