About Art Across


Art historian Sara Riccardi has founded the company Art Across as her creative lab, to develop diverse forms of engagement with the artistic and cultural community and the wider public as a freelance professional.

Through a mixed array of events, our audiences are invited to engage with the past and to enter in a dialogue with it, as the History of Art is brought to life, for everyone's enjoyment.

Sara's enthusiasm for the subject, on the one hand, and her professional method of research, on the other, determine an enjoyable balance between high-level research behind the content and a relaxed, informal and pleasant presentation.

Tailoring is the key word: everything is discussed and adapted, and many events even generate spontaneously from the dialogue between Sara and artists, curators, galleries and art professionals. We would love you to take part.


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If you are an artist...


...you are a vital part of Art Across. Visual artists, at any point in their careers, from newly-graduated to established professionals, represent the living voices of the arts of today, and your engagement with the History of Art generates mutual benefits.

Our courses and talks are designed to appeal to present-day makers, and they can be delivered to groups and associations of artists; artists can also attend them in public venues and contribute by bringing their special perspective into the conversation.

Sara nurtures collaborations with artists in various forms; our Curated Conversations are special events in which the concepts of the artist talk and that of the 'in-conversation' event merge with the art-historical analysis: as selected artists present their practice to the audience, Sara chairs the discussion and creates connections between the themes that emerge and the past History of Art.

Creative partnerships are one of the most inspirational and exciting outcomes of Sara's work as freelance: depending on an artist's specific interests and research, the collaboration with Sara can fuel unexpected directions in their practice, or contribute to it by combining the theoretical and the practical point of view.


If you are an art lover, or just curious...


...welcome! Among the core elements of Art Across is the desire to diversify the ways in which art-historical subjects are introduced, and to attract diverse audiences, providing an experience that goes beyond standard presentations of the theme, in perhaps surprising ways.

All events listed on this website are open to everyone, and will suit the most varied tastes.







If you are a cultural institution...


...Sara would love to offer her expertise to create and deliver events that are especially designed to suit your audiences and to link to your activities and areas of interest, or to bring one of our formats to you.

The collaboration with institutions that work with or for artists, moreover, can prove especially fruitful for everyone involved.









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