Background   Born in Rome, Sara Riccardi has completed her BA and MA at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, fully enjoying the rare opportunity of studying History of Art subjects constantly surrounded by the abundance of artistic masterpieces the city offers. That habitual presence of the arts in her native environment has backed up the development of her passion for the subject, and nourished it during university years.

Academic studies   The BA course in Art-Historical Studies covered a wide range of modules, shaping her comprehensive knowledge of the Western History of Art. She also began to explore the relevance of the historical and social contexts for the understanding of the arts, and addressed the basics of critical theory and historical research. The BA final dissertation focused on the analysis of a group of frescos realised in Siena in the mid-15th century, and received full marks (110 cum laude/110). The study of the paintings in situ and the opportunity to access primary sources in Siena’s historical archive reinforced Sara’s interest in the examination of artworks within their context.

Following the BA, and in particular after the experience of the dissertation research, Sara undertook the MA in History of Art, specialising in the arts from the 15th to the 18th century. The course provided her with a more in-depth knowledge of the means and aims of art-historical research and the use of critical studies. Sara also explored the development of different artistic techniques, growing passionate about the material aspects of artworks. These elements all fed back into the final MA dissertation, which analysed various aspects of the surviving part of some mid-15th century frescos in Rome, receiving full marks (110 cum laude/110). Once more the research happened from primary sources and direct analysis of the frescos, and part of it examined the restoration works and the materiality of the painting.


Developing creativity   In addition to her academic background, Sara has always enjoyed the theatre and the performing arts. Undertaking a drama course helped her to gain some basic skills in the use of voice and a charismatic presence, enhancing at the same time her creativity and enthusiasm for any form of communication.

Having moved to the UK, Sara has quickly been attracted by the thrilling art world and the lively community of contemporary artists. At the Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016 she took on the role of assistant curator and was part of the organisation team, experiencing a dynamic and inspiring interaction with artists and art professionals, and enjoying the benefits of sharing thoughts, backgrounds and pathways which were extremely various but at the same time fully connectional.

Today's vision   Through the fusion of all these fascinations, Sara cultivates a genuine passion for the diffusion and communication of the History of Art, in the strong belief that it should not be an elitist field, nor should it have an inaccessible language. In fact, she is convinced that precise and complex discourses can be conveyed in an audience-friendly way, and that the discovery of our immense artistic heritage is an exciting, enjoyable and life-changing experience.


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