Prices per person

Standard format

Introduction: £10  ○  Sessions: £20 each  ○  Special offer for the complete course: £130

Customizable formats and Other projects

To be agreed, depending on the theme and the number of sessions.

One-off sessions


If you are part of an institution and are interested in hosting Art Across, but would prefer not to charge your audience directly, please get in touch to discuss other possibilities.

Prices may vary depending on the venue. They are indicated each time under the respective event's details.

Frequently Asked Questions

   How long does a History of Art session last?

The sessions usually last from 2 to 2.30 hours each.

   How long does a series of sessions last?

It depends on the number of sessions and their frequency. For instance, the eight sessions of the standard format can be held either weekly, for a gradual two-month long experience, or over two weekends, for an intensive full-immersion. Generally, the default frequency is once a week, but other options can be flexibly arranged according to the kind of group and venue.

   Is the number of participants limited?

Yes, it usually is, depending on the kind of event. For the History of Art sessions the maximum number of participants is usually 20 per session, to guarantee a personal and interactive experience to everyone.

 □  Will it be possible to receive a statement of participation?

Sure. At the end of the History of Art session or series participants can request a free certificate. It will feature the total amount of hours, the title of the format and an outline of the themes treated.