Art has always been a cardinal point in my life.

Being born and raised in Rome – or indeed raised by Rome – has shaped my upbringing in incredible ways. From a young age, I started to look, look at the artistic wealth surrounding me at every corner. Past and present are forever mingled in the Italian capital, and as I grew up I trained my eyes to appreciate the links between different times and places art can offer.

After my Master’s degree in History of Art at La Sapienza University of Rome, I decided to move to the UK, never forgetting the cultural outlook my hometown had given me. And here in the UK is where I’ve been inspired by a thrilling and lively contemporary art world, and where Art Across was born. I founded this company with the desire to share my knowledge and experience, allowing other people to engage with art and art history, the past and the present, in an informal and uniquely personal way.

Art is a wonderful medium of expression and communication.

Once you establish a dialogue with the art of the past, the present moment suddenly appears to hold new meanings. My role at Art Across is to guide you through journeys across art history, where we can look at and explore this millennial craft, joining in the conversation and establishing mutual dialogues with past artworks and artists.

Art is everywhere, and art is for everyone.

Sharing artistic knowledge and perspectives has quickly become my life mission. Art Across was born as a creative lab, where I could develop varied ways to let others discover the pleasures of engaging with art history. Throughout the years, Art Across has become a wonderfully rich platform and community for people passionate about learning, creating, observing and connecting to art history, in all its forms. Whoever you are and wherever you feel yourself to be in life, art is there for you to be found and appreciated, in a friendship that, like in my case, will keep surprising you.