“Your art is to be the praise of something that you love. It may only be the praise of a shell or a stone.”

-John Ruskin

At Art Across we love to share art. Through both the spoken and written word.

While mostly focused on live events and face-to-face collaborations, at Art Across we also offer possibilities for the production of written content. Sara’s mission and passion to bring art to life for as wide a public as possible, in fact, find scope in all the events and opportunities we offer, including critical writing.

With a background and ongoing engagement, through her PhD, in an academic environment, Sara’s writing can serve a multitude of purposes. Her keen eye and knowledge of art history can inform many kinds of writing. from academic, to collaborating with journals, institutions, publications and artists.

Sara’s skills and speciality lies in creating engaging content for a non-specialised audience, communicating a fresh perspective based on detailed research and sound analysis.

Sara is always thrilled by any opportunity to share critical art and historical insight in a fully accessible, open and appealing style, or to work with artists to formalise their artistic expression.



Examples of writing


Sara is one of the art contributors to the Northern Soul website - below you can find links to her articles on the platform.

   All About Love: billboards bringing art and creativity to the streets

   Review: Manchester Medieval Quarter Festival 2023

   Dandelion seeds and broken walls: artist Omid Asadi on his solo exhibition


Browse some examples of Sara's writing commissions, often linked to collaborations with artists.

   Critical writing on artist Mark Gibbs' practice, Sep 2021

read it here

   'In Series', May 2021

Essay for the catalogue of Jane Fairhurst's solo exhibition 'In Series', The World of Glass, St Helens

read it here

   'GALA', Apr 2020

Afterword of the catalogue of the online exhibition 'GALA', curated by rez_dez_projects

read it here (p.17)

   'The Lion, The Saint, The Artist', Jan 2019

Essay included in the publication produced for Nicola Dale's solo exhibition 'Figurehead', Leeds Arts University

read it here

   'INTERFACE', Mar 2018

Introduction to the catalogue of 'INTERFACE' exhibition, curated by artists Sandra Bouguerch, Sume Leyden, Lucie Wilson, neo:gallery, Bolton

read it here

   'From Greek sculpture to Nicola Dale's practice', Jan 2018

Abstract of a talk for the British Society of Aesthetics, Cambridge

read it here