If you make art…
you are in the right place.

I love to work with artists of any form and practice. I want you to find a place where your art can be shared and placed within the long thread of art history.

Learning from the past:
My courses and events can be tailored especially to contemporary makers, who, by looking back at the past of their discipline, will gain new insight on how to look forward. Learn how past artists worked and further your artistic perspective in engaging, interactive talks.

Finding your place in history:
Have you ever wondered why you work as you do? What artist or technique influences you? Whose vision you may be unconsciously sharing? My Curated Conversations offer you the opportunity to place your work in direct dialogue with art history. These popularly acclaimed events merge the idea of in-conversation artists with historical analysis, often resulting in surprising links and sources of inspiration.

Creating art history:
Creative collaborations and mentoring opportunities with all sorts of artists are one of the most exciting journeys of Art Across. I will establish inspiring connections with your specific art and ideas, fuelling your present practice in a mutual art-historical exchange. These collaborations will bring unexpected outcomes, and have led to fresh insights, new bodies of work and curated exhibitions.


If you love art, or simply wish to find out more…
welcome to a vibrant and passionate community of art lovers.


Here at Art Across, I believe that art is everywhere, and for everyone. The pleasure of engaging with art from the past, or the present, does not have to be limited by the background or knowledge you come from.

Art is a beautifully communicative expression of human nature, and, as such, we can all join in and learn to look at it in new, surprising ways.

All my events are open to absolutely everyone, as I aim to connect with as varied an audience as possible. You will be guided through artistic journeys in a friendly, informal and interactive atmosphere. Find out what you like and learn to engage with art in a uniquely personal way.


If your life is rooted in promoting art…
I can’t wait to meet you.

Cultural institutions, museums, and galleries are some of our best friends. I love to create and deliver specially tailored events to enrich your institution and engage your audiences. When Art Across and cultural centres come together, the possibilities are endless.

Collaborating to create events and activities that promote your work, your artists and ethos often results in exciting and acclaimed outcomes.

Get in touch with any glimpse, idea or question and I will be happy to embark on a new artistic journey with you.