Some lovely words audiences have used to describe their experience of Art Across...






"Wonderful speaker; clear, knowledgeable, well-organised and structured talk."

"I enjoy your enthusiasm especially, and the way you bring across such a wealth of information is brilliant."

"I feel as though pieces of a jigsaw are fitting together."

"I found this workshop very welcoming and eye opening. Thank you."

"It was wonderful to be given fresh insights into traditional interpretations of stunning examples of art."

"I was fond of how certain characters from history appeared, and their back story."

"Beautifully and enthusiastically presented."

"Thank you – this course has opened a window on a world that I previously felt closed off from – I now feel inspired to try different kinds of art with an open mind."

"I spend all week looking forward to coming!"

"Very relevant and informative – and a relaxed format."




Some artists' perspectives on working with Art Across...



Artist Louise Garman speaks about taking part in a Curated Conversation






On the Composed from Silence project, artist Steven Heaton says:

"As an artist, sometimes you might get so absorbed in your own world, and forget to stand back: things get lost, abandoned, ignored, forgotten...It takes an external influence, fresh eyes, intelligence, knowledge, passion, interest, enthusiasm, to point one back to what they may have overlooked...Sara is incredible at this, and I have found myself liberated by her company, and the actual reason of being an artist realised once more."


On the benefits of meeting with Sara in preparation for one of our Curated Conversations, artist James Naughton says:

"Much of what you said has never been communicated to me so clearly by anyone else and confirmed views I'd nurtured but felt unable to express over a long period. I'd imagine that in the earlier stages of my career such conversations would have been extremely valuable and know it will help me moving forward. I can feel aspects of the way I view my work changing at a fundamental level."