Art Across is first of all a concept, based on the creation and promotion of an active interaction between the arts of the present and those of the past. Because of this, it is as dynamic as the many possible combinations between the stimuli offered by history and the plurality of today's creative expressions, all multiplied by the contributions made by participants and the variety of ideas generating from the exchange of different perspectives.

Below are some of the current options to be a part of this adventure, and there surely exists many others, yet to be realised. Check the Events page for details on previous events and activities.







Series of sessions, providing interactive, engaging learning experiences. Existing, ready-to-go courses are listed below, but Sara is always willing to take on specific requests and design new series. All the sessions are created to work autonomously, or they can be enjoyed as part of the wider series, for in-depth understanding of the themes treated. Click on each course title for content details.

'An Essential Art History'

'Seventeen Artists - who just happen to be women'

'Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art?'






In this special format, one or more artists are in conversation with Sara, whose role is not only that of coordinating the talk, but also of actively participating: she alternates with the artists, taking inspiration from the themes they address and creating connections with the art of the past centuries. Artists, patrons, writers and all sorts of art professionals from history are virtually invited to join the conversation.

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Sara can plan and deliver one-off events, that can take the form of simple lectures, sessions, workshops that respond to a specific exhibition, or whatever other form will suit your institution, project or idea.

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From the collaboration between Sara and contemporary artists can emerge a variety of projects, as an artist's work can be inspired and expand through the dialogue with the History of Art, and the exchange is always mutually enriching. This type of partnership is highly tailored to the different creatives and their work, and therefore takes a completely different shape each time.

Recent projects include a trip to Rome with artist Nicola Dale to study traditional representations of Saints (funded by the Arts Council England and the British Council through the Artists' International Development Fund) and a solo exhibition of artist Steven Heaton's new body of work, inspired by conversations, studio visits and shared explorations of past and contemporary art.

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The ability of critically engaging with past and contemporary art is part of the set of skills that Sara acquired as a trained art historian, and she is always happy to put it into practice by providing writings or offering her contribution to the selection process and curating of exhibitions.

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