Creative collaborations allow contemporary artists to engage with an historically rooted perspective. Sara offers her skills, talent and experience for a close collaboration with artists of all crafts – the results that can emerge from this well-rounded and inspirational dialogue are simply unlimited.

Each partnership is deeply tailored to each artist, as Sara's support will fit your specific needs and ambitions, bringing in her insight and, possibly, a life-changing, fresh perspective to your work.

Looking at past works is the best way to get an idea of what springs from our collaborations.

Browse through the examples below to get a flair of the enriching exchange awaiting you.



Collaborating with...



...Steven Heaton

   Steven has always been an artist interested in layers. Layers of media, of textures, of ideas and visual inspirations. His work is the ultimate product of an actively stimulated mind, where concepts and forms merge to create the final pieces.

   Steven’s studio is the material space where his main inspirations from art history can be seen side by side with his current work. Filled with books and postcards, it reflects his interest and passion for some of the great masters of the past.

   Beginning as an initial studio visit, Sara's partnership with Steven brought to light some of his previous works. A conversation ensued, and through months of insights and mutual exchange, Steven came to revisit the ideas explored in his paintings, inspired by the new connections Sara offered.

   Their partnership resulted in ‘Composed from Silence’ – a solo exhibition for the artist, promoting a whole new body of work. Sara curated the exhibition, which took place at Saul Hay Gallery in October 2019.

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...Nicola Dale

   Sara and Nicola met through ‘The Things That Look Back’ – an exhibition following Nicola’s residency at the former International 3. Sara was immediately fascinated by Nicola’s multi-layered approach, and devised a workshop to accompany her show, which proved extremely enriching for facilitating public engagement with the artist’s work.

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   Sara and Nicola's collaboration was greatly enriched by their second project, for which they spent two full weeks in Rome.

   Centred around the iconography of Saint Jerome, this period involved extensive research on the subject, where Sara's art-historical expertise proved invaluable. They went after the figure of the saint, navigating the Italian city to analyse, contextualise and understand the artworks they experienced together.

   The result of their research trip was a whole new body of work for Nicola, who responded directly to their precious time in Rome, producing sculptures, a sound piece and a final performance. This was all exhibited in ‘Figurehead’, at Leeds Art University.

Read Sara's piece in the publication that accompanied the 'Figurehead' exhibition

Research trip funded by Arts Council England and British Council

...Emma Lloyd

   Sara and Emma met a long time ago, at the very first of our Curated Conversations. Sara’s interest in the artist’s work was immediately sparked, and their collaboration came to a peak as Emma was preparing her solo exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

   Sara closely interacted with Emma’s work, responding to her practice to create an open event mirroring and complementing the exhibition. This led to deeply fascinating public engagement, as, side by side, artist and art historian took the audience on a detailed journey through Emma’s unique artworks.

   The event was widely appreciated by its audience, who gained insight into the methods, processes and concepts of Emma’s art.

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...Donna Wood


   The collaboration between Sara and artist and film maker Donna Wood allowed them to bring different practices together. Filmmaking and art history merged together for an event based on the power, structure and idea of storytelling.

   Donna and Sara devised a workshop where people could analyse the concept of storytelling, understand how artists of the past told stories through painting, and then put it all into practice following Donna’s directions.

   The workshop proved how enriching the dialogue between art and film can be, and it allowed the public to express their own stories, gaining a new look on reality, and exploring the value objects, personal identity and interactions can have, all through art.

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