Art Across and Nicola Dale

'The Things That Look Back'

11th November 2017

The event, hosted at International 3, was conceived starting from the fascination of contemporary artist Nicola Dale's practice on Sara. Nicola's project, based on a residency in London which allowed her to explore Aby Warburg archive, was strongly connected to the History of Art, the transmission of knowledge and that of images and their connotations through times, and the possible connections with Art Across showed immediately.

The workshop that derived from long chats between Nicola and Sara consisted in an interactive experience, where participants were invited to try and decode images, at first shown only as details of bigger artworks, in order to better understand how the process of gathering information works, and how much the context, or the absence of it, affects our perception.

The first event of this kind, based and derived both in its content and in its concept from the practice of a contemporary artist, the workshop proved enjoyable and effective, and the sharing of ideas and merging of expertises enriched it immensely.

Read Sara's writing about Nicola's project here

Nicola Dale's project "The Things That Look Back" (Jul 2017 - Mar 2018) has been supported by