Art Across and Islington Mill Art Academy x Venice Agendas 2019

Video art inspired by art history workshop

26th October 2019

Sara collaborated with artist and film maker Donna Wood, member of the Islington Mill Art Academy, in devising this workshop, which was delivered as part of a day of events commissioned by Venice Agendas, an international organisation that responds to the Venice Biennale with events in Italy and abroad. Expanding on Venice Agendas 2019 theme of the economic value of art and the market, the events on the day looked at the wider sense of the value that art can have in improving our skills, life and well being.

The concept of the workshop was based on the idea of storytelling - a practice deeply rooted in human culture, which has been transforming through the ages.Starting from the contemporary use of storytelling in social media, the workshop aimed at reflecting on the value that stories add to our daily life, while providing participants with practical film-making skills and an understanding of storytelling techniques used by artists in painting.

During the workshop participants were guided by Sara and Donna through an interactive experience: they analysed with Sara three painting subjects, observing how artists told their stories in some key examples, and were then able to put into practice Donna's directions in the use of shooting techniques, expressing themselves, exploring their ideas and telling their own stories. They experienced a different look on reality, exploring the value objects, personal identity and interactions can have, all through art.