In the 20th century, Western art underwent a massively radical revolution, turning the art world into a more conceptual and at times unfathomable reality. The very notion of what makes art has gone beyond its traditional limits, as artists today choose from an infinite variety of forms, styles and objects. But is contemporary art truly too challenging to be appreciated by its audience?

“My kid could do that.”

In this short course we’ll look and potentially challenging art aspects, offering a way into this rich and elaborate world. We’ll join in the contemporary conversation, demystifying some its exclusive nature and exploring our reactions to it.

The sessions

I. Breaking the Form

Breaking free, breaking from the tradition, breaking from the figurative. In this first session we’ll look at the transition from mimetic art to a wider exploration of more aspects of visual expression.

II. Abstraction

Colour, forms and a game of artistic possibilities. As the need of representation is gradually overcome, we are faced with a radical revolution and its multi-faceted consequences.

III. Beyond Painting

Forget about the traditional canons of painting and sculpture. In this session we focus on everything that goes beyond traditional categories, engaging with installations, sound art, performances and the wide world of contemporary artists.

IV. Emotions, Politics, Social Change

What artists feel, think, experience and believe fuels new themes, new media and new styles. The contemporary art scene saw a definite revolution of form, and astonishing transformation of content, explored in this last session.










Some lovely quotes from feedback about this course

"A very engaging presentation. I am completely new to art but Sara makes complex ideas simple and it is very accessible to a beginner."

"Thank you – this course has opened a window on a world that I previously felt closed off from – I now feel inspired to try different kinds of art with an open mind."

"Challenging & stimulating"

"Sara works so hard, she’s so professional and explains clearly the subject in hand. Very enjoyable. Thank you."