In the 20th century, Western art went through the most radical revolution of its history, turning into something that can be perceived as more challenging to engage with than traditional figurative art. Artists working today have a much wider array of forms of expression to choose from, and the very notion of what art is and can do has been expanding beyond its traditional confines. This series of sessions will present possible points of view through which to look at modern and contemporary art, trying to navigate some of its potentially challenging aspects and offering possible answers to those remarks it sometimes inspires, on the lines of the famed “My kid could do that”.

The sessions

I. Breaking the form

The session focuses on the key event of a transition from mimetic figuration to freer visual expression, where a certain level of reference to the material world is still retained, but likeliness is not the priority.

II. Abstraction

Modern art explores the artistic possibilities of basic visual elements, such as colour and form, as autonomous components of an artwork, free from the need of representation. This revolution and its consequences are analysed in the session.

III. Beyond painting

The theme of the session is any art form that does not fall under the traditional categories of painting and sculpture. From installation to sound art, the wider possibilities today available to artists are explored and discussed.

IV. Emotions, politics, social change

Not only the form, but also the content of art transformed in modern and contemporary times. The last session discusses the deep, personal, innovative themes expressed by artists, in all media and styles.










Some lovely quotes from feedback about this course

"A very engaging presentation. I am completely new to art but Sara makes complex ideas simple and it is very accessible to a beginner."

"Thank you – this course has opened a window on a world that I previously felt closed off from – I now feel inspired to try different kinds of art with an open mind."

"Challenging & stimulating"

"Sara works so hard, she’s so professional and explains clearly the subject in hand. Very enjoyable. Thank you."