Art Across at Castlefield Gallery

'Futureproof your practice. An art-historical perspective'

22nd October 2019

Sara was invited to deliver the monthly lecture for the Associates programme run by the gallery. As the yearly broad theme explore by the group was that of futureproofing one's practice, Sara engaged the artists in an art-historical reflection on the subject.

Materiality VS volatility of media, cultural barriers in the understanding of artistic languages and visual conventions, and loss of context were some of the elements discussed in comparing historical and contemporary art. After a break and some biscuits, examples of artworks that directly respond to moments of crisis, once more both from the past and contemporary times, were observed.

The session proved stimulating and thought-provoking, taking full advantage of the opportunity to tackle the complexity of the theme among a selected group of artists and makers, who contributed extensively to the conversation and debate.


Photos by Steven Heaton © Steven Heaton 2020