Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Picturing the art world. A curated conversation'

3rd November 2017

Following the success of the 'Material | Matters & Art Across in conversation' event, the collaboration with Saul Hay Gallery has been carried forward with a new event based on a similar concept. As part of the 'ANNIVERSARY' exhibition, celebrating the first, exciting year of the gallery, Sara has coordinated a conversation with one of the 35 artists showcased in the show, London-based artist Enzo Marra.

Enzo's practice is based on the representation of the contemporary art world, featuring series of images that span from galleries' environments to artists in their studios and auction houses' procedures, and it has been recently developing towards the representation of imaginary artworks shown within fictional exhibition spaces. While Enzo presented the various aspects of his practice, from his themes to his techniques and media, Sara placed the voices of artists of the past centuries side by side with that of the contemporary artist, guiding the audience to an exploration of the art worlds of the past.

The evening resulted in an insightful and thought-provoking reflection on the art world and its many faces, based on an analysis of the present and the comparison with the past, between the insiders' and the outsiders' points of view, and the conversation has been enriched by the contributions of the people attending, who willingly joined in with questions, reflections and curiosities.