Art Across at neo:gallery23, Bolton

'Art Across the INTERFACE. A curated conversation'

20th April 2018

The exhibition INTERFACE, at neo:gallery23, showcased a vast array of contemporary artworks that have in common the notion of interface, variedly and sometimes surprisingly interpreted; in the words of the curators, "by focusing on ‘interfaces’ as the subject, rather than purely as conveyors of information, the exhibition aims to initiate a dialogue about the ways they represent reality and directly influence our understanding of the world".

Sara has been invited to present an event following the format of Art Across' curated conversations: four of the 23 artists exhibiting have gathered together and shared an informal conversation on their different practices, unveiling for the audience those inspiring behind-the-scenes of their artistic approaches, that have been linked by Sara to the artistic research of the past centuries, virtually widening the chronological horizons of the evening.

The evening resulted in an illuminating reflection on the new possibilities of exploration for contemporary artists, both in terms of new media and new processes: the relevance of these new possibilities has been appreciated even more by the comparison with the past.

Artists in conversation: Keith Brown | Carolyn Curtis Magri | Louise Garman | Liliana Robins

Read Sara's introduction to the exhibition's catalogue here