Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Is Seeing Believing? A curated conversation'

7th December 2017

The event, part of the series of Art Across curated talks and conversations realised in collaboration with Saul Hay Gallery, has been based on the current exhibition at the gallery, as usual. Titled 'Is Seeing Believing? Part One', the show presented works by three contemporary artists, including Mike Chavez-Dawson, also curator of it, who has been in conversation with Sara.

The themes addressed by the exhibition revolved around questions of authorship, artistic practice, spiritual connections to the act of making, and most of all the complex relation between arts and reality, and our perception of both. The conversation has been stimulating and insightful, with the contribution of the participants enriching it even further. The centuries-old questions on the illusion of art, and the multiple examples derived from the History of Art of cases when this illusionistic quality has been consciously exploited by artists, have represented the background of the conversation, which, as all Art Across events, has created a dynamic interaction between the present arts and the works of the past.