Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Manipulate Art Across History. A curated conversation'

3rd May 2018

The collaboration with Saul Hay Gallery, established in September 2017, has been developing, with a now regular programme of curated conversations that accompany the gallery's changing exhibitions.

This event was created in combination with the exhibition titled 'Manipulate', that presented a very interesting mixture of artists manipulating in different ways their chosen media. From painting, collage and print to sculpture and video, the six artists showcased in the exhibition offered their own interpretation and manipulation of shape, marks, composition and material, evoking in varied forms a strong sense of mood, emotion and place.

Their processes and different approaches to their subjects have been discussed during the evening, unveiling a fascinating net of connections among the work of those participating in the talk, and offering, as usual, the possibility to appreciate even more the contemporary possibilities through the comparison with past centuries.

Artists in conversation: Gareth Griffiths | Steven Heaton | Martyn Lucas | Georgia Noble | Stephen Snoddy