Art Across at The Sex Lectures - Cutting Edge Dialogues of Desire

'The Art of Love and Desire'

18th June 2019

Following her collaboration with Intimacy Coach Alison Pilling for the 'Intimacy, Sexuality, Consent' event at the Whitworth, Sara was invited to speak at one of the evenings in this series of talks on themes of love and desire.

The Sex Lectures are organised by Alison Pilling and Roger Bygott, with the idea that "The Most Important Things are the Hardest to Talk About. In these inspiring and connecting evenings, speakers with unique and cutting edge views on sexuality, relationships and love share their ideas in pithy 12 minute talks. Good Sex can offer both connection and pleasure. It’s human to be fascinated by sexuality, yet with the rise in divorce, Tinder and porn, we’re wondering how the current reality could move beyond #MeToo and Cosmo to a greater understanding of the power of sexuality for connection, creativity, awareness and pleasure. How can we let love enlighten us, and sex truly enliven us? These relaxed yet thought provoking evenings include 6 talks and time to meet and mingle."

Sara strongly believes that works of art possess a special potential to let us glimpse into something that is “beyond” us, and to affect our lives through experiences that go beyond the intellectual one. Following these ideas, for this short presentation she explored what beautiful examples of art from past centuries can show us about love, desire, connection, intimacy, kindness, and how we can learn to connect and respond to these images emotionally and instinctively, to ultimately get to discover something new about ourselves.