Art Across at The University of Manchester - part of the 'Sex Week' by Sexpression Manchester

'The Relationship between Art and Sex'

13th February 2019

The talk has been presented at the Student Union of the University of Manchester, as one of the events of the 'Sex Week', an annual event organised by the Manchester branch of the association Sexpression:UK, "a student-led independent charity that empowers young people to make decisions about sex and relationships".

The focus of the event was on different types of representations of sexual relationships in the History of Art, from the more explicit loves of the Gods to more subtle scenes of tenderness and connection, that only hint at possibilities of sexual involvement. Through this varied selection, the students attending have been invited to reflect on the many aspects of the sexual experience, and to respond to the artworks presented in order to reflect and challenge their own ideas and preferences.

The event has proved a wonderful opportunity to apply a reflection on the arts, their history and their transformations to a very topical, personal and relevant theme for our contemporary life and society, and to develop an open and positive conversation, in accordance with the ethos of the 'Sex Week'.

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