Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Art Across Technique. A curated conversation'

24th April 2019

The wonderful Saul Hay Gallery regularly showcases curated exhibitions, often accompanied by Art Across' curated conversations.

The exhibition 'Technique' presented ten artists who use unusual or unique techniques to create their works of art. Spanning from metal sculpture to glass, to cracked gesso grounds and painting on clay, all the artworks on show were examples of elaborate and highly personalised techniques, developed by each artist to suit their own special way of expression.

The technical focus of the exhibition allowed Sara to develop a conversation also centred on materials, technical processes and their history: as each artist took the audience through a step-by-step presentation of their practice, Sara presented the wider historical context of each of them, as always, widening up the perspective of the event.

Artists in conversation: Ian Chadwick | Helen Davies | Helena DenholmMark Gibbs


Photos by Steven Heaton © Steven Heaton 2020