Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Echoing Artists Voices'

27th February 2019

Retrieving the long term collaboration with Saul Hay Gallery, Sara presented this event, for the first time in Manchester, after having experimented with a similar format for the 'Live voices of timeless lives' performative recital, staged in Bath during FaB18.

Following the structure of the previous event, the evening has started with the performative reading of some excerpts from the writings of past artists, from Leonardo to Barbara Hepworth. Their words have been spoken out by Sara without any additional commentary or interpretation, while significant images of artworks by those whose words were being pronounced appeared on the wall.

Following this, the public has been invited to ask questions and have a discussion on the relevance of those words for the present, engaging in a thought-provoking and lively conversation.


Photos by Steven Heaton © Steven Heaton 2020