Art Across at Saul Hay Gallery

'Shortlist & Art Across. A curated conversation'

13th July 2018

The collaboration with Saul Hay Gallery, established in September 2017, has been developing, with a now regular programme of curated conversations that accompany the gallery's changing exhibitions.

This time, the exhibition, titled 'Shortlist', showcased the depth of talent of artists, who were born, live, or have studied in one of the historical counties of the North of England: it featured a selection of the artists presented in the New Light Prize touring Exhibition 2017/18, at which the Directors of the gallery had had the honour to judge the Saul Hay Emerging Artist Prize.

As in the case of a previous exhibition and conversation at the gallery, 'ANNIVERSARY', the element linking together the various artists in the exhibition was not connected to a specific theme or way of working, therefore Sara invited two of the artists involved and created a conversation based on their different practices, finding unexpected and interesting connections between James' landscapes and Sarah's contemporary trompe-l'oeil, which present a modern interpretation of Golden Age Dutch painting. The artists shared their methods of work and the evolution of their approach, and Sara found points of connection with examples from past centuries, for a multifaceted and thought-provoking evening.

Artists in conversation: Sarah Gilman | James Naughton